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The Mohawk Municipal Commission is made up of a five person board appointed by the Village Board of Trustees.  Each member is appointed by the Board of Trustees to a one year term, which runs from July to June.  The Commissioner’s job is to oversee the operation of the Electric, Water, & Sewer Department in the Village of Mohawk.

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Municipal Commission Board

John Mroz – President

Richard Bray

Bernie VonDauber

Pamela Jones

Christopher Edick

Department Heads

Andrew Steele and Michael Shedd are Co-Supervisor of the Electric, Water, & Sewer Departments.


Outside Staff

Andrew Steele – Co-Supervisor

Kenneth Mead – Line Person

Andrew Kroll —Line Person Helper

Office Staff

Michael Shedd – Co-Supervisor

Candace Smithson– Electric Clerk

Margaret Hyde – Water Clerk

Municipal Commission

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ohawk Municipal Commission

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Fax  315-866-6659

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